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Daniela Vellutino

DANIELA VELLUTINO has a PhD in Communication Science at the University of Salerno and she is currently Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Salerno, where she teaches Public Communication and Institutional Languages.

Her main research themes are the analysis of Italian language for Public Sector Information, more in particular languages for administration and for communication with citizens. She has developed a special interest on Lexicon, Terminology, Specialized Discourse and Language Engineering. She collaborates in the development of IATE (InterActive Terminology for Europe) EU multilingual database. Her latest reasearch project focuses on the study of Sematic Web tecnologies, linked data and domain-specific linguistic resources to Public Sector documents.

In the Department of Political, Social and Communication Sciences she coordinates the work of the “OpenLab for institutional Italian” and she is head of the teaching project  “Diritto di Accesso Civico” (Civic Rights Of Access to Public Sector Information) that aims to experiment te use of Open Data in the different forms of writing for Public Sector. This project has created a community for civic monitoring of public funds, in particular the Structural Funds.

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