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600,00 EUR

The registration fee covers coffee breaks, lunches and social events, but please note that travel, dinners and accommodation expenses are your responsibility.

SWING will be held at the Fisciano Campus of the University of Salerno. please consider that the University Campus is near 10 km far from the Salerno center.
The address is: University of Salerno, Via Giovanni Paolo II, 132, 84084 Fisciano SA, Italy, (see interactive map of the campus).


Accommodation is not included in the registration fee and must be arranged separately. To assist you, we have compiled a variety of options to suit different preferences and budgets. There are numerous hotels in Salerno and the whole area close to the university. The most convenient is to stay in Salerno. Several bus lines connect Salerno city to the University Campus in about 35 min (see below).

Accommodations near the University Campus
– B&B La Tortora
– B&B Casa de Falco
– Hotel Santa Caterina

Accommodations in Salerno
– Grand Hotel Salerno (4 stars)
– Hotel Bruman Salerno (3 stars)
– Hotel Plaza Salerno (3 stars)
– Panoramic Rooms (B&B)
– Le Marinelle (B&B)
– Il Guiscardo (B&B)
– Acquasalata (B&B)
– Ostello di Salerno (Hostel)


From Salerno City to the Campus:
– Line 7, See timetables.
– Line 17, See timetables.
– Line 27, See timetables.

From Napoli Airport and Napoli Center to the Campus
Busline Sita Sud (4,30 €), See timetables

Other Useful Transportation Information:

From Napoli Airport to Napoli City Center
Bus Alibus (5,00 €), See timetables.

From Napoli/Napoli Airport to Salerno
Bus sita Sud (4,30 €), See timetables.

From Napoli to Salerno by train
Please check the search engines of the following railway companies:
– Trenitalia
– Italo


In case of any queries and need for further information, please contact us at

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