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Francesca De Chiara

Francesca De Chiara (PhD) is social researcher at the Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Center for Information and Communication Technology where she has joined the Digital Commons Lab. She’s currently TheGovlab Resident Fellow 2015 at New York University where she’s developing the Italian version of OpenData500 study. She co-founded the first Italian Node of the Open Data Institute in Trento. Since February 2013, she has been working on the the open government data catalog She has been Visiting Research Fellow at Cornell University (US) and at the University of Warwick – Warwick Business School. She has research experience in the field of open data, open government and development studies and is mainly interested in analyzing and assessing the impact and the actual reuse of open data. She is part of the Open Knowledge Foundation Network, collaborates in some bottom-up initiatives focused on crowdsourcing and civic monitoring, like She’s editor of the OKFN Italian official blog, author of academic articles and lately referee for the  European Journal  of  Political Research. She has served as country reviewer for the first edition of the Open Data Barometer, she has translated the Open Data Certificates (now in Beta) in Italian in 2014, organized the first edition of the contest Trentino Open data Challenge, and is responsible for the open data related activities within the EU FP7-funded Finodex project, an accelerator for startups and SMEs that make use of both existing open data-sets and the platform FiWare.

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