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Gabriele Giacomini

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Gabriele Giacomini

Gabriele Giacomini

Researcher – University of Udine


Gabriele Giacomini is a researcher at the University of Udine, where he teaches Political Theory and Digital Media and serves as the scientific coordinator of the Master’s program in Digital Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence, offered jointly by the University of Udine, the University of Turin, and the University of Brescia. He has published around 60 scientific essays in both Italian and English, featured in collective volumes and national and international journals, including Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies, Journal of eDemocracy and Open Government, Journal of Futures Studies, Polish Sociological Review, and Social Epistemology. Among his monographs are “Potere digitale. Come Internet sta cambiando la sfera pubblica e la democrazia” (Meltemi, 2018) and “The Arduous Road to Revolution. Resisting Authoritarian Regimes in the Digital Communication Age” (Mimesis International, 2022). He is a member of the Italian Institute for the Future. Giacomini has participated as a speaker in about 100 scientific seminars and conferences and more than 110 public lectures. He co-directs the publishing house Società Aperta with Luca Taddio and Sebastiano Maffettone. Throughout his career, Giacomini has received several awards, including the national Frascati Prize “Elio Matassi” in 2017 (best debut author), the SPe Youth Prize “Achille Ardigò” in 2018, the “Libro ComPol ” Prize in 2019, and the Gigliozzi Prize in 2022. His research interests focus on the relationship between freedom, political participation, and digital technologies.

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