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Massimiliano Bencardino

Massimiliano Bencardino is a researcher in Economic-political Geography at the University of Salerno. From 2011 with the Department of Political, Social and Communication Sciences (SPSC). Enabled to the functions of a Associate professor in the 11/B1 sector (Geography), with competition organized by DD Ministry of Education no. 222 of 20/07/2012.

Since 2012, lecturer of the course “Political and Economic Geography” for the first-level Degree course in Political Science and International Relations (L-32), and, from 2015, of the courses “Territorial organization and planning” and “Geopolitics” for the second-level Degree course in Policies, Institutions and Territory (LM-62).

PhD at Enviromental and Geological Studies Department in University of Studies of Sannio and Laboratorie de Sciences de la Terre dell’Universite’ Claude Bernard Lyon 1 di Lyon (France), where he works on remote monitoring of hidrogeological state of territory using integrated tecnique. Graduated in Engineering for the environment and the Territory, Organization and Planning of the Territory, at the University of Naples “Federico II”. Subject of interest: Urban and Regional Geography; Territorial Organization and Planning, Geographic Information Systems, Remote sensing, Enviromental Politics.

He works in SIGOT laboratory (Geographic Information Systems for the Organization of the Territory), where he occupies himself with research on territorial planning. From 2013 he is member of the Research Committee of the Department of Political, Social and Communication Sciences.

Member of “Programme Committee” e reviewer for the International Workshop on “Geographical Analysis, Urban Modeling, Spatial Statistics” (GEOG-AN-MOD) from 2011 to now, reviewer for “INPUT”, reviewer for the publisher Springer and for other several national and international conferences. His scientific interests are, up to now, directed towards the definition, the study and the classification of urban and territorial systems and the assessment of environmental risks, to their analysis and representation using innovative instruments (remote sensing and GIS) with the aim of defining sustainable development policies. From the point of view of territorial planning, he considers geostrategic the attention to the environmental problems. His work is finalized to define a balanced relationship between man and nature, economy and territory. He is the author of more than 40 printed books, articles and proceedings.

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