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Gerardo Ferrentino

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Gerardo Ferrentino

Gerardo Ferrentino

PhD Fellow


Gerardo Ferrentino graduated in Political Science and International Relations (L-36) at the University of Salerno (Italy), he wrote a thesis in Diplomatic Law entitled “Le dinamiche della Missione Diplomatica”. Motivated by a strong political passion and an interest in international phenomena and issues, Gerardo Ferrentino specialized in Global Studies and EU (LM-56) at the University of Salerno, where he wrote a thesis on:” Le controversie sul 5G in Italia”

Currently, he is a PhD student in Data Science Accounting & Management, for the curricula on Cyber Intelligence for Civil Networked Security at the Department of Business Sciences, Management and Innovation Systems (UNISA), with a research project focused on the Digitalization in the Italian Public Local Administration.

His previous roles include being a research fellow at the University of Salerno, a member of the Secretariat of the Jean Monnet Module “EU-Western Balkans Cooperation on Justice and Home Affairs”, and a university student tutor.

Gerardo holds certifications such as the ECDL Certificate and C1 of the CEFR, and he has been recognized with a Certificate for his contributions for the Jean Monnet Module. His core competencies include data collection and cyber security policy.

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