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Nicola Palladino

Nicola Palladino

Assistant Professor


Nicola Palladino, is Assistant Professor of Global Governance of Artificial Intelligence and International law, Cybersecurity and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, at the University of Salerno within the Internet & Communication Policy Center. Additionally, he serves as a Visiting Research Fellow at the ADAPT Center and the Trinity College Long Room Hub in Dublin. During his time at Trinity College, he worked as a Marie-Curie Fellow, carrying out a project titled "Hybrid Governance for Trustworthy and Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence: From Principles to Practices".

Palladino is also a founding member of the Digital Constitutionalism Network, a collaborative initiative supported by the Center of Advanced Internet Studies in Bochum, and he’s serving as an expert in some of the AI standard-setting initiatives carried out by the NSAI Scientific Committee on Artificial Intelligence, the ISO/IEC JTC1 SC 42 on Artificial Intelligence, and CEN/CLC JTC on Artificial Intelligence. He recently published "Legitimacy, Power, and Inequalities in Multistakeholder Internet Governance: Analyzing IANA Transition" and "The Content Governance Dilemma: Digital Constitutionalism, Social Media, and the Search for a Global Standard" for the Palgrave Information Technology and Global Governance book series. His primary areas of research expertise encompass Global Internet Governance, Digital constitutionalism, Digital Policies, AI Ethics, Regulation and Governance.

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