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The University of Salerno will host the 9th GIG-ARTS Conference

We are pleased to announce that our director, Mauro Santaniello, has been appointed coordinator of the GIG-ARTS conference series and that the next GIG-ARTS conference will be hosted by ICPC at the University of Salerno.

The GIG-ARTS conference series is a distinguished European annual multidisciplinary academic venue that provides a platform for presenting and discussing the latest developments in Global Internet Governance and their broader implications. The conference aims to:

  1. Foster the enlargement and diversification of the academic community to enhance its visibility.
  2. Open more opportunities for young scholars, particularly from Europe and its neighboring regions.
  3. Anchor its discussions in the European context, offering a space where scholars can address regional challenges and contribute to regional discussions.

Each year, the GIG-ARTS conference focuses on a central theme. In addition to keynote speeches and academic presentations, the conference features at least one roundtable debate with practitioners centered around that theme.

Stay tuned to the conference website for more details on dates, theme and call for papers.

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